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Barbie Handmade Fashion Portfolio

Hello! Thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments!

Today I decided to share some of the clothes I’ve made for Barbie dolls in the past year or so. I chose to format the pictures in this post in grid form, so that you don’t have to scroll for miles to reach the end of the post! 😉

I have a passion for sewing – especially doll clothes.  My favorite dolls to sew for are Barbies, because they are small enough to use fabric scraps, but not too small as to drastically complicate things. It’s a great way to practice fashion design and pattern making in an easy and affordable way.  Also, Barbies are famous in the fashion world, which makes them even better models for my fashion creations!

The first style I want to introduce is a simple but versatile dress I designed myself. It was one of my first successful endeavors on the pattern-making side of fashion design! I call it The Teresa Dress, named after my favorite doll (who is also modeling the dress in the photos!)

The Teresa Dress:wp-1485550013408.png

  • The Teresa Dress is a simple A-Line dress with a gathered skirt and fitted bodice. I used cotton fabric (Fat Quarters), and ribbons for the straps. It was fun and easy to produce multiple styles and to play around with colors and fabrics!

Teresa is a member of the Barbie Style line of dolls. She has rooted eyelashes, long brown hair with blonde highlights, and is articulated like the old Fashionistas. I love her cute face!

I plan on writing a post in the future about my favorite doll characters, so I’ll just keep the descriptions brief for now. 🙂

The second category in this portfolio is Historic dresses. Aside from modern styles, I absolutely adore fashion history! So, naturally I channel history into my day-to-day projects.

  • Five of the dresses are inspired by one of my favorite eras: 1940’s – ’50’s. The mint green, blue floral, and green floral each have buttons down the front, super-flared skirt, puffy sleeves, and two of them have a Peter Pan collar made out of felt. The pink gingham is a variation with long sleeves.  I used the bodice pattern from  , edited the sleeves, and added my own decorations.
  • The brown polka-dot dress was another pattern of my own making. It was inspired by a dress I saw on Pinterest.
  • The long, deep blue gingham dress is inspired by one of my favorite shows: BBC’s “Lark Rise to Candleford,” which takes place during the 1890’s.  I made the pattern based on Laura Timmins’ dress pictured on the cover of the DVD case!

Historic Dresseswp-1485552724280.png

The final division of my handiwork is the largest, and consists of casual and comfy attire.

Casual and Comfy Outfits

When choosing fabrics for homemade doll outfits, old or outgrown T-shirts, leggings, socks, or any other cute stretchy fabric with small scale prints are ideal. You can also acquire cheap fabric from old clothes, bedding, or table linens found at a thrift or antique store.

First Grid:

  • The multicolored polka-dot sweatshirt, modeled by Brooke (blonde with rooted eyelashes), is made with stretchy knit fabric from old clothes.
  • Rapunzel is pretty in a pale pink lace camisole and green floral shorts. I used inside-out Barbie brand shorts to make the pattern!
  • Lavender (named for her purple hair!) is ready for a winter stroll in a pink fleece cabled sweater, crocheted beanie (made with 2 skeins of embroidery floss), floral cotton skirt, and repainted Barbie boots.
  • Maggie (ginger hair and rooted eyelashes) is bedecked in a vintage-inspired ensemble consisting of a white t-shirt, yellow spotted circle skirt, and handmade wire necklace.
  • Madeleine (brown and black hair) is wearing a “chunky weight”pink and purple gradient crocheted sweater – it’s actually made with sock weight yarn.
  • The whimsical yellow and white bikini set is made with yellow floral cotton, white cotton, and white ribbons. The top was made from a hemmed rectangle, gathered in the center and then conformed to the doll’s body to acquire the shape I desired. Then I added the straps and tied the bow in the center.

Second Grid:

  • The tie-dyed pink and yellow tank top was a combination of two ideas I came across on Pinterest. I achieved the tie-dye effect by coloring a simple, white doll tank top with permanent markers and then applying rubbing alcohol to spread it around the surface. Note: if you wish to try this technique, make sure you place the item over a piece of cardboard to absorb excess ink and avoid staining! Then I cut a vertical slit up the bottom front of the top to form two ties, and finally made a knot.
  • Lindsey (a.k.a. Skipper) is wearing a short-sleeved pink sweatshirt with a heart applique and purple floral shorts.  I basically added the applique, hood, and pocket to the knit top pattern here.
  • Vera is wearing a blue striped T-shirt and peach Capri-length sweatpants. I attached ribbons down the sides of the pants to give them a “sporty” look, and made a bow at the waistband with embroidery floss.
  • Hailey is cozy in a gray sweatshirt and repainted Barbie sneakers. I used socks for the sweatshirt (including the decorative Adidas logo!). The faux pull strings on the hood are made from embroidery floss.

That sums up my portfolio for now, but I’m constantly gaining ideas and working on new projects. Thank you for visiting, and stay tuned for future posts. This is just the beginning!

~ Molly

8 thoughts on “Barbie Handmade Fashion Portfolio

  1. Lovely attention to detail and very creative handiwork! These designs are all so beautiful, and I love the variety in the clothing styles and materials. Can’t wait to see more of your work!


  2. Those Barbie clothes are SO adorable! Thank you for sharing your amazing photos with us! I can’t wait to see a what other incredible projects you produce!


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